Artist’s Statement

My inspiration for “Finnigan the Toy Poodle” is my new puppy! Over the past few months, I’ve gathered an abundance of pictures of Finn and wanted a place where they could be easily accessed by my family and friends. The goal for my blog was to create a space that was simply designed and easy to maneuver, so that even my grandma could understand it!

My blog is divided into four sections, a home page, about section, photos, and a contact page. The home page introduces the blog’s topic, while also providing a photo gallery as a type of preview to what the blog has in store. On the about page, viewers can get a general overview about Finnigan and his owners. The photos page displays some of my favourite photos of Finnigan, which viewers can comment on, save, and view full-size. Lastly, the contact page is available if viewers have any questions that they’d prefer to send directly to me, rather than comment.

I used CSS coding to embed the links for my citations and throughout the website so that when users click on certain text, it forwards them to other places on the site.

There are three widgets at the bottom of the home page for Finn’s current location, a small about section, and a navigation page. Additionally, by clicking on the Facebook and Instagram logos at the bottom of the page, the viewer will be automatically sent to my other social media accounts. With a search bar and recent posts on the side of the home page, viewers can simply navigate through posts.

My blog posts have been categorized and tagged in order keep things organized and attract more viewers to my page. The goal of the blog posts is to provide informative updates about Finn and his life as a puppy. As he grows up, the nature of the posts may change and focus more on bigger milestones.

I hope you’ve enjoyed learning about Finnigan the Toy Poodle! Isn’t he paw-some?!

Dog Background.
Dog Clipart for Logo.


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