Puppy Training

One of the biggest fears for prospective dog owners is whether or not they’ll be able to train their dog easily. Finnigan has been quite a challenge, with good days and bad days. Here are my top 3 tips when it comes to training your new puppy.

  1. Be consistent. Dogs learn from their experiences so you must remain consistent so that they don’t get confused. For example, try to keep them in a confined space. If they are given the run of the house, they will think that they are king. The last thing you want is them marking their territory throughout the whole house!
  2. Reward them with certain treats for certain types of behaviour. When Finn does a trick, he gets rewarded with an all-natural chicken flavoured treat. When he does his business in the right place, he gets a small piece of cheese. By differentiating the types of treats he gets, it helps him to remember to behave correctly.
  3. Let them learn to be on their own. It’s easy for puppies to develop separation anxiety as we constantly want to pet and cuddle them. It’s hard not to always want to carry your new puppy around, but it will become difficult later when they’ll cry without you. In order for your dog to learn to be left home alone, let your dog understand that they can be independent too.


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